What is Aged Care?

Our primary objective of retirement & pension fund is to generate stable growth over the long term, and provide pensions for employees when they reach the end of their working years and commence retirement

Positive Trends in Aged Care Sector:

  • aging population & the baby boomers
  • people living longer with chronic disease
  • obesity and diabetes epidemics
  • technological advances
  • the global reach of disease
  • personalized medicine

MCG Healthcare

The MCG Healthcare aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing in top-ranking health care companies & service providers all over the world, ranging from those companies engaged in early exploratory research through to those providing health care services directly to consumers, such as hospitals or health insurance.

MCG Healthcare is made up of experts in a wide range of healthcare disciplines. We believe our rigorous investment philosophy allows us to offer unexcelled products and services to our global client base. MCG Partners

Why invest in healthcare?

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