Who We Are

Millennium Capital Group (“MCG”) is a HK registered company that focus on making private equity, buyout and large scale M&A type of investments overseas & providing M&A advisory service in China and other jurisdictions such as US, European Countries, Japan and Australia. MCG is founded and managed by a team of seasoned professionals/CEOs who specialize in Private Equity fund management, global investments, M&As and dealing with parties at all levels in China.

MCG is currently building its worldwide group of joint ventures/parallel funds and its core investment strategy is “International Capital, Invest Locally, Gateway China, Expand Globally”. MCG will use capital raised globally via our joint ventures/parallel funds to invest in projects internationally that have the potential in the eyes of our professionals to have absolute growth. MCG will also provide, under our related companies’s Chinese license and certificate, M&A consulting services and advisories to Chinese enterprises with certain size and investment funds that want to invest in suitable projects overseas. MCG will utilize its global network and platform, such as US, European Countries, Japan and Australia to provide our clients with various bridge loans such as buyout loans and mezzanine loans at the same time while offering our consulting services.

The key requirement for the projects in which MCG will invest is that the projects of interest have the ability and desire to expand globally regardless where they are located. Specifically, we will expand such projects presence in China and fully utilize the Chinese market as its first stop towards global expansion. MCG will take advantage of the gradually expanding global economy and particularly Chinese economy that is estimated to grow at 7% even though the global economy is presently not growing at full speed.  MCG will use its extensive network worldwide to locate projects in different sectors, such as financial services, big data & industry 4.0, healthcare & biotechnology, new energy, media, culture & consumer products, natural resources, low-earth orbits satellite, etc.

Once suitable projects are pinpointed, MCG will use capital raised worldwide by our global GP team and Joint Venture partners to invest in these projects. MCG will leave the original setup of the invested project and its intellectual properties where it is. MCG will focus on developing and expanding the invested project as a first step in the China market. With its extensive networks and teams of seasoned GP managers, MCG will provide investable capital from Chinese enterprises and other Joint Venture partners in China a one-stop shop package in China development by assisting invested projects to set up branch offices or their Asian pacific headquarters in China. MCG will also assist the projects to settle down in China, and work together to promote and distribute their products & services in China. MCG will spin off the Chinese projects from their overseas parents and take these Chinese projects to relevant capital markets. In essence, MCG will invest just once in the overseas projects, and will benefit twice as its investment will produce two capital accounts.