MCG China Gateway Fund (‘CGF’) is a Caymans registered Limited Liability Partnership Fund, one of the Family of Funds of the MCG Group with the fund size of US$500M which is managed by the related companies of MCG in China.

The objective of CGF is to identify investment opportunities that have the ability to execute globally regardless where they are originally domiciled. Specifically, CGF will look to use its extensive networks, both financial and political, to expand its opportunities within China and fully utilize the Chinese markets as a value lever, as those opportunities progress towards global expansion.

The key requirements for the investable opportunities of the CGF include:

  •  China inbound and or outbound capability
  •  Capital Market M&A optionality
  •  Multiple Capital Markets or industry exit strategies (i.e. in China, USA, European Countries, Japan and Australia)
  •  Special situations with pre determined exits outcomes
  •  Growth Stage, including Series A growth opportunities
  •  Global relevance with defendable Models
  •  Substantive Management Teams with execution histories
  •  A minimum 3x return capability of committed funds