In Media, Culture and Consumer Markets, MCG works closely with the business partners as well as industrial knowledge, financial strength, resources, etc. to generate positive returns.

The media industry refers to the collection of businesses that disseminate information. The modern media industry is made up of many different sectors, including animation, film, radio, television, publishing, website, etc.

The cultural industry refers to businesses that produce, disseminate, market or sell products and services that belong categorically in creative arts. The modern cultural industry includes clothing, decoration, books, movies, television programs, etc.

The consumer industry refers to businesses provide final goods. The consumer goods are things purchased by massive customers and consumed right away. This is in contrast to other types of goods, such as intermediate goods.

MCG is committed to helping to meet this product/service imbalance by investing in these assets on a global basis. Our goal is to achieve returns through the acquisition and operational improvement of these assets.